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Magically Convert PDFs into Audiobooks

Oration transforms the way academics and researchers engage with scholarly content. Our innovative platform converts complex PDFs into accessible audiobooks - both the full text and generated summaries, enabling a more dynamic and efficient way of consuming academic and scientific literature.

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Enjoy the convenience of listening to your PDFs, section by section, on your iPhone or Apple Silicon-powered Mac. Download now for a unique reading experience!

Oration is a must-have for researchers, academics, and students who want to make the most of their time.

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Oration is the best-in-class tool for converting academic PDFs into incredible sounding audiobooks.

Whether you're listening to the full or summarized audiobook, Oration helps thousands of university researchers stay up-to-date with the literature.

"Oration makes it so much easier to read through the dozens of research articles I encounter a month. Their iPhone app is great for listening on the go, and it's a seamless experience to use it on my MacBook. It used to be tiring reading through so much research, but Oration makes it really enjoyable.”

Sophie – Biomedical Engineering PhD Student, UCLA
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Share your Oration Audiobooks seamlessly

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All Audiobooks created with Oration create a unique URL of our beautiful browser Audiobook Player that you can share.

"Oration is the only app around that gives you a shareable link of Audiobooks you create. It makes it super easy to share Audiobooks with friends and colleagues!”

David – Computer Science Postdoc, Stanford

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Enhance Your Research with AI-Powered Summaries

Transform complex academic PDFs into insightful audiobook chapters with Oration. Perfect for researchers, academics, and students who want to absorb knowledge efficiently.

Simplified PDF Upload

Easily upload any academic PDF. Our advanced AI immediately gets to work, generating an accessible summary tailored to your field of study.

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AI-Generated Section Summaries

Our AI intelligently identifies and summarizes key sections of your document, creating comprehensive and concise chapters for easy listening.

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Audiobook Chapter Creation

Transform your summaries into engaging audiobook chapters, making it easier than ever to absorb and revisit critical academic content on-the-go.

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  • Unlimited Audiobook creation
  • AI-Generated Section Summaries
  • Mobile-first web app
  • Downloadable MP3s to listen to your papers on the go

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Oration helps thousands to efficiently tackle their Research Work

“Oration has been a game-changer for my research. Being able to listen to summaries of dense scientific papers while in the lab has saved me hours of reading time. The accuracy and clarity of the summaries are impressive!.”

“I've integrated Oration into my teaching methodology. It allows my students to engage with academic materials in a novel way. The audio summaries complement traditional learning, especially for students who are auditory learners.”

“As a grad student juggling multiple projects, Oration's audiobook summaries have been invaluable. The ability to upload complex PDFs and get concise audio summaries helps me stay on top of the latest research without getting overwhelmed.”

“Balancing a job and PhD research is challenging. Oration helps me utilize my commute time effectively by listening to summaries of relevant articles. It’s like having a personal research assistant who knows exactly what I need.”